Hi, I’m Clara!

[A LITTLE FOR YOU] My work reflects lifestyle (photojournalistic) photography, which means I prefer to be an attuned observer to your life. When working with you, I strive to find moments that reveal the natural and honest visual communication between you and your loved ones, between us, and the environment we share.

I don’t aim to pose you or manufacture a moment. I prefer to find you in a space in time in which you have let go of expectation. I want to find you open, vulnerable, and honest. I hope that you see the images we take together and connect with something familiar or even discover something new. You may not know this, but that’s the gift you give me.

I get to continue to find my voice through the lens without abandoning my creative whims and you get photographs that tell the real story, the one you will remember, sometimes loving and sometimes messy. If you’d like a deeper look into my approach to photography and the inspiration behind it, check out my journal post on the subject.

[A LITTLE ABOUT WHO I WORK WITH] I love working with a variety of people, though I have a very special place in my heart for mamas and their young infants. Being a mother has softened me. It has cracked me open in ways I didn’t know were possible. Offering other mothers a window into that vulnerable and loving place is just about my favorite thing. For more about the sessions that I offer and what they include, float on over here.

[A LITTLE ABOUT ME] I am a wife to Jesse, a mama to August, and a photographer to lovely people like you. I received a degree in photography over a decade ago and fell into a marketing and design career soon after. Sneaky life. I am reinvesting myself into the creative ether and hoping to find some magic in there. Portland, OR is my home and does a super job of keeping me connected to nature, my values, and to relationships and people that influence the greater good.

If my style of photography fits with your vision, I’d love to connect with you about how we can work together.