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Pal, I had a need to share my gratitude and hope those little seeds of love and thanks drift and plant themselves here, there, and everywhere.

This guy.

J2-28   J2-29

The way in which I see my husband is often on repeat in my head, in ebb and egress.

All the great things that he does for our family, others, and me are center stage in my mind when I feel the deepest sense of appreciation. And the things that he does, which drive me mad, are on the same recording and sometimes even playing back to back.

Though, when I peel away the silly surface stuff that gets my granny panties in a bunch, what I find is quite easy to understand, and love, and appreciate.

He’s like a unicorn, you see; a creature I’ve read about though was certain didn’t exist.

Tough exterior; a dagger pierced through a flaming heart with the grim reaper reflected in it inked on his shin, a lady cracked open from a skull on the inside of his elbow, a three-eyed dragon taking a castle on his arm and the list goes on; scraggly scruff that I love.

The softest interior I have ever known; I always know when he’s about to cry. It doesn’t take much; a story of someone overcoming adversity and pushing through to live out their dream of auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance, observing our son, really just about anything will open his tender little faucet. And it’s my favorite thing to see him unfold and allow me to watch him at his most vulnerable.

I loved him before I met him. We met on a dating site. We knew we wanted to get married on our third date. And we did about a year and a half later. And then almost two years after that, we had our son.






The man, the myth, the legend.

A little about J2.

A Counselor > Vital Collective

Vegan for 14 years (new words in our household now include, “pass the grass fed”)

Lifelong runner (cross country, marathoner, even paced half an ultra once with no prep)

Newly shaped climber

Running coach for 15 years

Tattooed. A lot. (We have a matching one even – it’s pretty)

In heavy metal bands and the front man for an 80’s cover hair band. He’ll probably be quite unhappy that I am sharing this (the best part is around 3 min if you can hang). Sorry, pal.

Fantastic singer and musician

Voice over artist

Incredible impressionist (Morgan Freeman, not Monet) – he can do just about anyone – it’s uncanny

Lover of animals (even at their messiest)

Lover of humans (even at their messiest)

Lover of the natural world in all its forms (in our landscape, our food, our well-being, and healing)

Sensitive, tender, loving, nurturing man

A father (the one that August thanks his lucky stars he has)

Partner (passionate, loving, supportive)


Grammar guru

Super talented writer (I only wish I could write like he does)

Committed bike commuter

Genuinely humble


The great loyalist

I ride his coattails hoping he makes this rather unhip lady a little bit cooler.



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J2-16    J2-15


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They say that we don’t share nearly the amount of gratitude and appreciation necessary to sustain a healthy relationship, so… thanks pal, for…everything.

Massaging my feet daily. That’s nuts.

Supporting my dreams, my well-being, and my bliss.

Accepting me.

Being an exceptional father and role model for our son.

Supporting us by working your ass off.

Doing meaningful work and helping others.

Making me laugh every day (I didn’t think I’d get passion, humor, and tenderness in the same shot – that’s just showing off)

Loving the doggies that I brought into the relationship despite their many challenges

So, on this father’s day, pal, I hope you know today and everyday how much we love and appreciate you. Gus is quite lucky he picked you and I am luckier that we picked each other.

Love, love, love.



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  1. Yes, my “faucet” turned on reading this entire post. It’s hard to accept and receive, and, even believe your truth. Grateful I get this love in this life.

  2. Posted by Jena on

    Aw, so sweet miss Clara. I’m so happy you found each other and it’s been awesome to see how your lives have evolved together since. He’s a gooden, for sure!

    • Posted by clara on

      Thanks! It’s been a great journey to find my great love.

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