July 30, 2016 | 0 Comments | Weddings

I feel so honored when I get to capture life-changing moments for my dear friends. Here are two of my favorite people sealin’ the deal at the place where they had their first date, on the solstice, and under a full moon which we actually captured later in the evening!
Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2119Warchild_blogpost_1Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2112Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2101Warchild_blogpost_2 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2167Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2126Warchild_blogpost_3 Warchild_blogpost_4 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2146 Warchild_blogpost_5 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2205 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2263Warchild_blogpost_7Warchild_blogpost_6 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2320Warchild_blogpost_9 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2360Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2452Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2466Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2507 Warchild_blogpost_8Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2534Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2479Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2590 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2539Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2574Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2521 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2608 Warchild_blogpost_10 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2610Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2657 Warchild_blogpost_11 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2627Warchild_blogpost_12Warchild_blogpost_14 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2692 Warchild_blogpost_13Warchild_blogpost_15 Warchild_blogpost_16 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2829Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2820 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2754 Dan and Sarah_blogpost-2778

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