March 30, 2016 | 0 Comments | Lifestyle Session

Oh baby, did we have some kind of cooky weather on our shoot! We definitely wanted to get some images on the bluff since it is a special place for the couple (and since I live so close, it’s a pretty darn special place for our family too). I give lots of kuddos to these two for bearing with the epic hurricane-like weather. It gave us some very special and personal captures. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at their babe today too when I delivered their client package and OH. MY. WORD. is their little one the most precious little bear. Can’t wait to take photos of her darling, squishy, chewy, little cheeky cheeks!

Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7546Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7673 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7848Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_11 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7428Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7900Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7939Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7532 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7912Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7903Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7880Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7887Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7868Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7826Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7840Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7814 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7743Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7923Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_10 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7711 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7698Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7642Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_9Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_8 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_7 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_6 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_5Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7556Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_4 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7506 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7538 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7536Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7494 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7478 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_3 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7469 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost_2Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7420 Kristyn and Stefan_Blogpost-7403

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