November 18, 2015 | 0 Comments | Lifestyle Session

Cris and her mamá, Maribel, all the way from Spain! These ladies are hilarious! Their playful and close relationship reminded me so much of how my mom and I used to be; partners in crime, arguing, confidants, joyful, obnoxious with one another, and profoundly accepting and loving. It really made me miss my mom and it also brought me so much joy to see their shenanigans. Thanks ladies for being your fun-loving and brilliant selves with me!

Cris and Maribel_blog-2822

Cris and Maribel_blog-2875

Cris and Maribel_blog-2859

Cris and Maribel_blog-2885

Cris and Maribel_blog-2782

Cris and Maribel_blog-2794

Cris and Maribel_blog-2638

Cris and Maribel_blog-2779

Cris and Maribel_blog-2580

Cris and Maribel_blog-2690

Cris and Maribel_blog-2554

Cris and Maribel_blog-2684

Cris and Maribel_blog-2552

Cris and Maribel_blog-2673

Cris and Maribel_blog-2662

Cris and Maribel_blog-2647

Cris and Maribel_blog-2570

Cris and Maribel_blog-2517

Cris and Maribel_blog-2502

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