March 30, 2015 | 0 Comments | Personal Work

In going through old family photos, I came across a handful of these little gems. I wondered why they printed them so small (basically, almost the size of the film they were shot on). Then, my son’s very astute nanny told me that they were more economical to print at the smaller sizes and families who couldn’t afford larger prints settled on these. Duh, Clara!

I had seen them before but never really looked at them and realized they were of my grandmother (she’s on the right), likely in her 20’s. I had only seen images from when she was 60+ so it was nice to see her in this phase of her life. The other few are of my Dad, circa 1952, approximately at the age of two. I couldn’t account for these very familiar expressions on my son’s face until I compared Gus’s photos with my Dad’s baby pictures. Uncanny.







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